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Physical CD, vinyl etc. distribution - how it works

  • Setup
    - Send us 5 copies each of your CDs, vinyl records, DVDs or books.
    - We catalog your works, scan your artwork and create the metadata.
    - You set the wholesale price for your items. Every time we sell a copy, your account will be credited with this amount.
    - We store your items for at least 2 years. Should you or we decide to end distribution, we can send your goods back to you at self cost.

  • Online Retail
    We will list your items for sale in Amazon, Ebay, Discogs etc.
    We sell, bill and ship directly to customers and do all customer service regarding the sales. We ship worldwide by air mail. We are the only ones worldwide to offer this service.

  • Distribution
    We will list your music with our distribution partners. They will make your CDs available to thousands of retailers around the world. Online Retailers buying from our partners will automatically offer your items.

  • Payment
    We will pay you quarterly by PayPal. Bank transfer or check available on request. If the payout amount is less than $50, your money will be carried over to the next quarter.

  • Non-Exclusive Terms
    Physical Distribution is non exclusive. You are free to sell your products anywhere else at any time. You can terminate cooperation at any time.

  • Fees / Rates
    !!! Limited time startup offer: No settup costs - no risk!!!
    See all our rates here.

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