Digital Distribution - how it works


  • Encoding
    - Send us your music as CD, CD-R, harddisk, flash drive / USB stick or even vinyl. You can find our specifications here.
    - We digitize your music, scan your artwork and create the metadata. Ripping CDs might sound easy, but there are some mistakes to be avoided.
    - We store your digital assets safely.

  • Distribution
    We digitally deliver your music to over 400 mp3 stores and services worlwide including iTunes, AmazonMP3, eMusic, BeatPort, LastFM etc.

  • Compilations
    If you agree, we can inlcude your music in our compilations, giving you a great sales opportunity. Especially if you are doing electronic music, you might well fit into one for our label compilations.

  • Promotion (Coming soon)
    Asign keywords ("Tags") to your songs. Also asign similar Artists. This will have great impact on how many customers find your music.

  • Account Management / Dashboard (planned)
    You can manage your releases in you online account:
    - Edit metadata
    - view sales reports
    - exclude individual sales platforms (optionally available)

  • Payment
    We will pay you quarterly by PayPal. Bank transfer or check available on request. If the payout amount is less than $50, your money will be carried over to the next quarter.

  • Fees / Rates
    !!!Limited time startup offer!!! No setup costs - no risk!!!
    See all our rates here.



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